Various Consultancies that CARES Provide :

Consultancy being one of the services that CARES do, we provide the service of consultancy for two, they were Consultancies for Corporate and Consultancy for Academics.

Consultancy for Corporate

CARES provided service in the form of Questionnaire Design, BigData Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Reporting and creating Dashboards for various corporate. All our services are known for high quality, customer centric, value for money and result oriented.  Handling projects in various domains like Banking, Academics, Market research, Telecom, Manufacturing etc.  using SPSS, R , Hadoop Eco systems & Machine Learning. Our clients like PPDA India, Intouch Analytics, SPSS south asia pvt ltd and Starcomm etc

Consultancy for Academics

Assisting Minor and Major Research Projects: We have been assisting various universities in India for the execution of their Minor and Major Research Projects in the form of Questionnaire design, Data Collection, Data Analysis and Data Reporting Assisting PHD Thesis Report: Close to decade we have been assisting more than 200 phd scholars across India for their successful completion of PhDs thesis report, which includes Initial discussion on Problem formulation, Questionnaire Design, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Reporting and Viva voce Preparation. CARES assisted scholar across India from various Universities and Institutes which includes BITS, IIT, Anna University, JNTU, Mysore University, Bangalore University , Wisdom University and Bharathiar University etc., Our work has been appreciated by Indigenous and off shore scholars also.