Questionnaire is an instrument that is predominantly used for data collection, specifically for survey method. Usually, questionnaire is a combination of theoretical and theoretical elements. For instance, majority of questionnaire’s carry questions on personal variables to capture the demographics. Please note that, these questions does not have a theoretical back up. However, when it comes to key portion of the questionnaire, it is important that they contain items/questions which measure construct derived on theoretical model or conceptual framework, and the same must be backed by sound literature. Take for example, a questionnaire measures three construct namely, Thriving to work, Work life balance and Job satisfaction. These constructs can be called theoretical constructs. But, the questionnaire is incomplete, without collection some personal information such as gender, years of experience, income, age etc. Hence, the usual practise is to have both theoretical and theoretical questions on the instrument, and there will be more emphasis on the theoretical constructs on the basis of previous studies. This forms an important piece of information, when building instrument for data collection, especially for thesis work

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