Theory comprise of a set of concepts or constructs. Most of us fail to realize the value and importance of bringing to study proper constructs, which lead to robust theoretical framework. Review of literature is an essential repository on theories belonging to various domains which allows us to identify and frame proper constructs for research study. Generally research begins with a “focal construct”. The focal construct has antecedents (causes) and consequences (effect). For any research worth its name the researcher will need to bring at least three constructs in a logical sequence. This can be extracted from available literature in the form of theoretical model or constructs. Sample this: Customer satisfaction (focal construct), preceded by Perceived benefits (antecedent) and customer loyalty (consequence) forms a wonderful theoretical construct.

What if some constructs that we conceive are not available in our chosen domain. No problem. We can borrow from other domains such as psychology and life science etc. For instance, the concept of “Thriving” rooted in medical science has been extended to management science, especially in the function of human resource management in the form of “Thriving at Work”. In a similar fashion, brand love, brand attachment found in the marketing literature was burrowed from psychological research. Creating constructs without consulting literature is unethical and will not result in a meaningful research. The fundamental theorem of research is that- constructs are ideas agreed upon by scholars of a particular domain; labelled appropriately and communicated objectively among scholars of same domain.

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